Wednesday, January 22, 2014

four acres to land on

Clearing the training and flight field is going well.

Got a ham radio transceiver today as a communications backup...only 30 bucks from  Cell service is spotty in my flight area and I threw my phone away when I moved out here.  I have yet to get a license but maybe the FCC will let me slide in case I get stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Satellite phone coming Monday.  54,72,34,0,C


Rita B. said...

Truly...I wish you the best. You're really focused on doing this. Can't wait for your first flight. Do we have a date yet?

Dizzy-Dick said...

You should get your ham license. It is not hard to do. I have been a ham for around 40 years. It is a great hobby and a good way to help when needed. Don't just use uhf and vhf, they are limited on distance and thus use repeaters. Get your license for to allow hf work. You can then talk all over the world. Good luck and let us know your call when you get it. I am wb3dzy.


K1MGY said...

"I have yet to get a license but maybe the FCC will let me slide in case I get stuck between a rock and a hard place."

No, sorry, that won't fly.

The entry-level Technician license is a quick study and does not require one to learn Morse code.

See: for details.

Bruce S said...

John, DD and K1 are correct. The no-code Technician license is very easy to get. I got mine long before they dropped code and it wasn't difficult then. A little study and a trip to Alpine for the test should take care of it. Then all you have to do is renew it online every 10 years. - N5RFV

Carolyn Ohl-Johnson said...

Those Terlingua Cat's eye flowers on your property are endangered species. I hope you didn't destroy any of those.

Unknown said...

Get that ticket. the test is easy, you can HIT the repeater on Christmas MTN which is linked to Alpine, Marfa and FT Davis.

KE5MIL said...

Actually, there is no code rq'ed at any level. The FCC will tolerate EMERGENCY communications by any means necessary, but never routine. That said...John, we want to talk to you on the radio! So go get you're darn ticket! We want to start a "Field Lab Net! KE5MIL