Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Was getting worried that I was not going to be able to get a tracking circuit from redrok.com.  I sent two emails in the past week and no reply.  Decided I would just have to suck it up and employ some old fashioned human interaction...on the telephone.  Duane Johnson is the mastermind behind the site and he was really great to talk to.  Chatted with him for quite some time and he even had some good suggestions about my solar oven.  As long as I was doing things the old fashioned way - I am sending him a check by regular mail for my order of two of his single axis tracking circuits (throwing in a set of Field Lab postcards just for fun). 

I decided that the paramotor helmet I ordered was just a little bit too snug for comfort.  Packed it up and shipped it off in exchange for the next larger size.

Spent the afternoon checking my local junkyards for a chunk of pipe.  I need a 6' length of 4" OD steel pipe to rig my solar mount to.  No luck...yet.  Looks like I have another deep hole and some concrete mixing in my future.

Been nursing my lone grapefruit along since it was just a pup.  Took a deep breath today and cut if off the tree.  Will slice it open tomorrow to go with my breakfast.  53,67,25,0,W,.45


Rita B. said...

Or a salty dog for happy hour

Anonymous said...

She's a beauty, JW! That grapefruit is classically beautiful- no brand on it, just its own lovely self. I'll bet you heard it calling to you, lo these many moons.

Sue Mackey said...

What Rita B said.