Wednesday, September 7, 2016

not so plug'n'play

Double IT fail today.  Five hours and little progress.  1.  My webcam doesn't work with the super long USB extension cable.  I am returning the cable - it cost 100 bucks!  However, the webcam still works still works fine with my 75' cable.  2.  Configuring through a hard line and mounting it was a snap but I can't get the new weathercam to communicate wirelessly with my router.  I am pretty sure it has to do with a setting in the router but I just can't figure it out.  That isn't too horrible of an issue because I have a long enough ethernet cable to run the line - if I can just find it.  I didn't get to the point of setting it up with WeatherUnderground - hopefully there won't be any issues there.  86,95,76,0,B
I am testing live streaming video here.


Margery Bills said...

Just take your time, one step at a time and don't get crazy like I did with the lawnmower. It will eventually work out. Just think it through in a progressive slow way. (I have a slight allergy to grass).

Margery Bills said...

(MY daughter did her DNA finally. It showed she is European (British and Germanic mostly like me). Her father bragged since I can remember that he was an Indian. It was a big deal. So she gets annoyed with me for being called an Indian all her life. Hey! I told her she should talk to her father. What do I know. I told her that in the old days when people were adopted like her father's father, they often did not know what they were and sometimes made things up. So there you are.)

Margery Bills said...

It's just like that woman on t.v. who did her DNA. She said she always told everyone she was Hispanic and her DNA showed she was from various countries in Europe.

Margery Bills said...

But I have everyone beat. The woman in the family I was switched to told everyone I was a negro. Her mother said Indian and that I should marry someone like myself. Then they decided my father was from Cuba and they were going to take me there. Well, I got to know a lot of people like who I was supposed to be. But my DNA said None of the Above. Not evenJewish like my adopted father who was half. So you can't tell by looking at someone. The handsome policeman in Alabama just starred at me when in my I.D. Picture I had to dye my hair black and perm it kinky curls in a fro because my hair was really limp, fine brown like a white persons. He was really taken back by my explanations but what did know.

Margery Bills said...

I told the policeman that my skin was too white and I did not look good in a fro. And the blond policeman did not know what to say.

Margery Bills said...

I notice that the couple behind me who have quietly lived here a very long time have grass and weed flowers 3-4 ft. high. Uh oh. :-)

Margery Bills said...

Shooting in Alpine in Brewster County on national news. Commentator had no idea where that is and stumbled over pronunciation.

remmij said...

bad mojo in Alpine… may be time to leave the planet again…
Little Joe

S chool of A viation M edicine

"Sam, a rhesus monkey, was one of the most well known monkeys of the space program. His name was an acronym for the U.S. Air Force S chool of A viation M edicine at Brooks Air Force Base, Texas. He was launched on December 4, 1959, housed in a cylindrical capsule within the Mercury spacecraft atop a Little Joe rocket in order to test the launch escape system (LES). Approximately one minute into the flight, traveling at a speed of 3685 mph, the Mercury capsule aborted from the Little Joe launch vehicle. After attaining an altitude of 51 miles, the spacecraft landed safely in the Atlantic Ocean. Sam was recovered, several hours later, with no ill effects from his journey. He was later returned to the colony in which he trained, where he died in November 1982 and his remains were cremated.

Miss Sam, another rhesus monkey and Sam's mate, was launched on January 21, 1960, for another test of the LES. The Mercury capsule attained a velocity of 1800 mph and an altitude of 9 miles. After landing in the Atlantic Ocean 10.8 miles downrange from the launch site, Miss Sam was also retrieved in overall good condition. She was also returned to her training colony until her death on an unknown date."


Mission Information:

Sam, a rhesus monkey named after the Air Force School of Aviation Medicine, was launched into space on board the first Little Joe animal flight on December 4, 1959 at 11:15 from Wallops Island, Virginia. The Little Joe program was a part of Project Mercury intended to test equipment that would be used in future manned flights and to investigate the effects of high accelerations. The couch and restraint apparatus for Sam were designed to provide protection from the high accelerations he would experience during the flight, while allowing his arms to move freely. Sam travelled 55 miles into space, reaching a maximum altitude of 280,000 feet on his journey. Sam's capsule was recovered two hours after launch by the USS Borie in the Atlantic Ocean off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. After the flight, Sam was taken to Langley Air Force Base, Virginia where he was reunited with Miss Sam. Sam's veternarian was quoted as saying, "The reunion was almost human.""

one small simian step