Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1

o1.01.10 started off as the coldest morning since I arrived on the scene... 17.6 degrees. Due to my utter disdain for parties and artificial holiday gatherings, I hit the sack last night at 9:30PM. Got 10 hours of sleep to start off the new year. Had to wait for the sun to come up and defrost my windshield (I left my ice scraper back in NY) before heading to the GrubShack for my first breakfast of 2010.

Next on the list for the greenhouse roof are some additional welded brackets for the trusses. Was able to install the sets for container 1 then took a break for 2 brief Field Lab tours. Back to the GrubShack for their new years day special...pork chops, black eyed peas (with Eva's special home made salsa) and cornbread.

Reluctantly looked back at my to do list from the day 1 post of 2009. It appears that I am way behind schedule - due to a shift in priorities over the course of the year and the monster that the greenhouse project has become. Good news is that the desert rover robot project is off the back burner and on the drawing board. (photo above is one of the NASA Mars rovers) Another fun project to distract me is a simple design for entrance tower flame throwers. Why?.....because I can.
Got a full plate for 2010 and I wouldn't have it any other way. 42,66,17.6,0


Don Auderer said...

Get that flame thrower going and you can replace the Marfa lights.

tffnguy said...

A can of starter fluid and a BIC will put that one to shame. Better have the wind blowing from your back though!

ezrablu said...

Danger Will Robinson! Please put a cam on it. Hmmm...maybe you should put a flame thrower on the rover :o)
I didn't forget your cheese curds...they will be shipped out promptly this Monday morning on the 4th. The reason for the delay is life is hard sometimes (and this was my "sometime"). Anyway, sorry for the delay but they will be worth the wait I promise you.

Gavin said...

Happy New Year John, all the best to you and the Field Lab.

You know why you are off track? It's because you've made friends and become a more social animal. Instead of hanging out online and being introspective you are now going places... if even only to the Grubshack.

It's just a sign you've become part of the scenery. :)

Caboose said...

Your Blog is good. Just want you to know I am here for you to encourage you and so what you are behind, we all get behind. Close the pass year and move on.

Just Me said...

Are you really behind schedule? I went back to the 2009 list...

1. New solar hot water heater
2. Indoor plumbing for kitchen sink
3. Ranch Gates
4. Greenhouse
5. Guest house
6. Wind turbine to supplement batteries at the living quarters
7. 2nd dam for rainwater catchment
8. Observatory building for my telescope
9. Solar concentrator with my old 12' satellite dish
10. Larger fire pit
11. Remote controlled desert explorer robot
12. Short wave radio
and amost forgot....a chicken coop and chickens.......

Let's see...
You did a great job with the solar hot water heater; your driveway markers are superb and I figured you'd just realized that full-blown gates would be silly without fencing to keep folks from just driving around the gates; the greenhouse is well under way; the woo-room makes for a guest house; the expansion of your solar panel array obviated the need for another wind genny; you've learned how easily catchment dams serve for sand and gravel catchment instead of water catchment and you won't need a second dam once you can catch water from the greenhouse roof; you've got the larger and re-located fire pit.

Okay, so the observatory, large solar concentrator, robot and chicken coop are a bit behind schedule. No need for self-flagellation. Instead, celebrate all the stuff you got done that wasn't on the list.

Hope your 2010 is as productive and enjoyable as your 2009!


JB said...

Pretty cool stuff John.I've been following for nearly a year.Keep up the good work!

Ted said...

You can tell the age of a boy by the price of his toys.Flow with whatever is happening and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.The best is yet to come

Allen Hare said...

Off and running again, I see!

Change happens, and, so priorities change. Embrace the change, and go with the flow. Life is easier that way.

I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

repsychallblues said...

I say go for the potato cannon too! It will amuse your many guests!

Bob from Athens said...

I understand making a list of things to do, just so you don't become a slave to those lists. If it gets done, it gets done, if not today, there's always tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, when ever I get a round-tuit. Maybe you start by making a tuit and go from there. I've always heard about round-tuit's, ain't never seen one, a square one either.

DIYer said...

Happy new year to you and Kevin.