Friday, January 29, 2010

number 43

It took forever for the cloud cover to finally push out of here today. Even had to force a mid morning nap while waiting for the sun to appear. Wasn't till about 1PM when there was finally hints of blue sky. Short half day list was to fence in my "surplus pile of stuff" and weld up another 64' of purlin to round out the south side of the greenhouse.

Excellent late afternoon diversion courtesy of Stolt Packsaddle Ranch. 12 of about 22 non-longhorns came up to the house for a snack. My newest BBF (best bovine friend) is good ol' #43. 42,64,32, .13"


Anonymous said...

Those are some plump non-longs.
Love the fenced off area. Good beautification tactic and it looks like a future rodeo grounds.

WG said...

John- Not so much a comment on today as a recommendation for tonight. The Moon is full and it will be its brightest for all of 2010. According to, “It’s a ‘perigee Moon,’ as much as 14% wider and 30% brighter than other full Moons you’ll see later in 2010.” Mars is in close conjunction with the moon, looking like a bright red star, also shining its brightest for the year tonight. You might want to check out the following linkd:

I'm in central Austin and it is an incredible sight...I can only imagine what it would look like from the Field Lab.

I'm sure you know all about this and are appreciating it but wanted to let you know just in case...!


Caboose said...

Great Fence! I would like to see a pic of the moon from Texas if you take one. The Field Lab is shaping up nicely. When will you start growing your Poo Tomatoes and Potatoes? Look like you will have a lot of Cow Poo to grow with.

mike said...


skyblue said...

Great chance for cowpie collecting and composting!!

neil said...


Allen Hare said...

That #43, what a cutie!

It's really neat how the moon comes up at the end of today's time-lapse video.