Monday, June 25, 2012


The canna showed appreciation for the new dirt.  Got a first fig.

Late afternoon visit with artist Janeil Englestad.  She is working on an installation for a Dallas gallery (for a show to coincide with the Texas State Fair) that will counter the corporate interests that sponsor the fair.  Finally had some dates so we all headed down to the Starlight (Pam,Me,Janeil).  Photo by Fred Porter.  Any time I go to the Starlight with women....Fred mysteriously shows up.  96,101,68,0,B,0


Dizzy-Dick said...

You lucky guy. Enjoy the star light. I thought that there food was really good back when I was there.

LarryLilly said...

He has a strong chick magnet, or is that chick radar?

Anonymous said...

artist Janeil Englestad beautifull, dude

Allen Hare said...

Some seriously pretty leaves on that plant.

Next: TFL fig newtons?

Nice date night out for you, and with two gals! Any night at the Starlight is a great night. Love that place, and the front porch of Terlingua Trading Co.

Please tell us more, when you can, about her art installation at the State Fair. We are art lovers, and State Fair lovers, too. (we got married at the State Fair in 1999)

Anonymous said...