Thursday, June 28, 2012

health care reform...

Milled and assembled the frame for my new solar oven glass.  FedEx dropped off my new favorite tool (Mr. Floppy approved) practice bend and I'm hooked.  Like most people think, "how did I ever live without a cell phone?"...I find a metal bending brake to be much more useful in the real world and something worthy of feeling not being able to do without. 

Lots of hubbub on the internet today about Obama Care. A healthy diet is the only chance for our survival as a species. We can't buy our way to health because there is no more money....only debt. The act has some plus sides, however there is no such thing as affordable health care...but soon the machine will be allowed by law to wipe out your digital bank account if you don't have health insurance.   93,105,74,0,B,0


remmij said...

admire the marble portico you put on the front of the greenhouse, but kinda hard on the bi & quadrupeds with all those steps... bet those columns were tough on the UPS guy too. Statues are a nice touch. ;-)
better C clamps would make you love that brake even more! something like this? a little more heft -
a place for Carl to roost -
Authority of Caw

remmij said...

a little more detail on the entry decoration -
grand entry

Anonymous said...

ADMIRE YUR HEALTH CARE STATEMENT AND COMMENTS (just reinstate that well educated and informed New Yorkers have the edge , dude
yu said (i share fully)

there is no such thing as affordable health care...but soon the machine will be allowed by law to wipe out your digital bank account if you don't have health insurance.

just.Bob said...

Yeppers, agreed.

LarryLilly said...

Does the brake have adjustable pieces? Or is essentially just a stronger version of a straight edge, in which case a heavy piece of angle iron, something you have lots out there, already have. I worked in a sheet metal factory making stoves, washers etc, and the machines we had, well, besides being big enuf to make a car hood with one strinke also had sliding fingers allowing you to make a bend partway across the length of the sheet metal leaving the rest straight. Same as what I had in HS shop back in NY.

Yeah, I like a good brake. Combine that with a step shear, you can chit metal your world. And dont forget a hand punch so you can use riveys, faster than welding.

Carlos said...

Why don't they call it what it is: the Health Care Ponzi scheme! Everyone pays in but only those people who own a lot of stocks in Insurance and Drug companies actually get any benefits as in more money. It's be called the DiMS: Disease Management System.

Chris Miller said...

Put me down for one of those ovens, John! Not sure how much they are going to cost, but we're going to need one as soon as we land!

Chris Miller - One Family's Journey To Finding True Happiness

Allen Hare said...

Nice to see the oven coming along so well.

Yep, a good brake is a wonderful tool. I've done a lot of good work with 'em.

So far, we've been pretty healthy. Hope we don't have to fall back on Big Industrialized Medicine. Healthy lifestyle is a plus.

All Energies said...

Ok, so this is tardy, but ... can I ask why you think that "the machine will be allowed by law to wipe out your digital bank account if you don't have health insurance"?

My understanding of taxes is that they are a percentage of income, and can't exceed your total income...

Not to mention, 2.5% doesn't seem like much to us (and we will be paying it).

Un Paisano said...

"The natural progress of things is for liberty to yeild, and government to gain ground." - Thomas Jefferson to Edward Carrington, Paris, 27 May 1788

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have." Gerald Ford to
to a joint session of Congress (12 August 1974)