Monday, June 4, 2012

turkey vulture

Nothing like a good stretch on Monday morning...then a GrubShack breakfast.

Transplanted a mini cactus that was growing in the pot with the fig tree.  Harold the lizard has been living in the courtyard since I started all the plants.  He is in charge of large bug control.

First batch of black gold is ready...just in time to start mulching around my potato plants.  Started 8 gallons of compost tea to water with tomorrow.  93,105,69,0,C,0


Milton said...

Compost tea. It sounds like you have taken the Dirt Dr to heart.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Your day in pictures, I love it. Thanks for sharing.

Rita B. said...

that is some incredible looking soil. i thought lizards were named Larry, but Harold is good also. He's a fierce looking critter....bugs beware.

Unknown said...

Great shot of the turkey vulture.

Donn said...

Maybe The Turkey could help with the Bennita search.

Allen Hare said...

It looks like the vulture was posing for you.

So nice to see The Grub Shack as a regular feature here again.

Cute Cactus.

That lizard looks like he really means business.

Great looking organics. Best of luck with them.

Anonymous said...

HAROLD the it dude xxx