Friday, June 1, 2012

solar ovens

Cyphered (I use that term thanks to growing up with The Beverly Hillbillies) out the plan for the new solar ovens...interior space for optimum swing area of the cooking platform.  Got started cutting parts then cleaned up the old standby oven for some baking tomorrow, weather permitting.

Malabar spinach almost ready to sample - first Calendula bloom.

Big storm just missed TFL...again.  Nice sunset.  86,99,71,T,B,0  (T=trace of rain)


Anonymous said...

You need to do a rain dance

Just Me said...

Love the cypher drawing. Have your cyphers yet convinced you to create a round backed oven? No point in heating those corners where nothing will be cooking. I'm thinking traditional easy to make wooden box with a curved sheet metal liner and insulation between box and liner.

Rev.JimmyLeeBob said...

It took me the longest time to decide whether I wanted to be a double naught spy, a hollywood producer or a brain surgeon

Just Passing Thru said...

John, can you pick the wings off a fly at 300 yards?

Nat said...

You'll need to replace the swimmin' tank with a cee-ment pond.

Allen Hare said...

I find myself "cyphering" also, having, like you, grown up with Uncle Jed, Jethro, Granny, and Ellie May, et al.

That spinach looks edible.

Great little bloom.

Those storms have your co-ordinates, and steer clear for some reason. Hope you get some rain soon.

edlfrey said...

"You need to do a rain dance."

However, remember that the secret of a successful rain dance is timing, timing, timing.