Thursday, June 7, 2012

new high

Picked another squash.  Rigged 6 battery cables.  Temperature reading: IN is the outside temp in the shade - OUT is the temp coming into my hut from Pepino.  Trying to sprout some guacamole trees.  Found a tiny basil bee.  Picked another salad (the bowl weighs 215.5gm).  94,111,65,0,B, .79


mike said...

John--what does the temp run in the greenhouse on days like that?

Ron/Debbie said...

I've always heard that Avocado Trees started from a seed will never produce fruit. Probably just an old wives tale. Not quite sure how you are suppose to get a tree if you don't use a seed?

Rev.JimmyLeeBob said...

Avocado started from seed and not grafted can take 7-10 years sometimes to bear fruit. The proper
way is to graft. I have 2 old time
monroe trees here and have grafted
100s of trees from them.Actually the second tree is a clone of the first one.There are several types of grafts.The type I use you start the tree from seed,you let it grow
till the following spring when the new growth emerges from the seed tree.You take a very sharp knife
and cut the new growth on a long diagonal (3 inches),pull off all the new leaves.The you take your seedling and cut a matching diagonal the same diameter as the cutting.You now have 2 halves of a tree.You carefully match them up and secure with grafting tape.If all goes well new growth will appear from the cutting that was grafted to your root stock.I usually keep the buds pulled off for 3 years and let the tree grow although the tree could fruit it's second year.That's my experience with avocado trees.You can also bud graft and air layering may be possible but I have never tried it with avocado.I have a tree on the property line that a neighbor started from seed.It took 10 years to bear and hold fruit.It is the classic light green, smooth
skinned pear shape.It 20 years old now and produces well but it's a long wait from seed.......just thought you ought to know..and they are kind of a messy tree as far a dropping something all the time and make really good tree rat condos

Unknown said...

damn john 26 degree drop is awesome in that low humidity. great job.

Allen Hare said...

A nice harvest today.

Love that shiny copper.

A new high is always a new 'low' for me. Hope you're not baking.

Nice bee shot. Ok Hwa likes it.

Good luck with the avocados.

David Scott said...

My wife has somehow managed to have managed to root and grow 3ft tall Alvacado in a container. Like youepr blog.