Monday, June 11, 2012


Did the morning watering chores.  Clipped off some greens for lunch.  Brought them to the GrubShack for a bit of TFL in my BLT.  Ran some errands down south, then it heated up quickly.  Some of the plants require a second watering when it is this hot.  Pumped the misting lines at 5PM to give the plants a break.  OBC and SH hung out in the shade for as long as it lasted.  89,111,70,0,W, .10


mike said...

Cows know where too sleep

rj said...

Need a timed drip system. This site has good stuff on irrigation.

Allen Hare said...

Poke Salad.

Killer Sandwich.

Cows clinging to precious, life sustaining shade. It's damn hot down your way today.

Keep Cool, and Good Luck!

Chris Miller said...

I am always intrigued by an animals innate ability to find shade when they need it. We'll walk with the dogs either here in AZ or down there in Terlingua and they always duck off the path and lay down under a tree. Even if just for a minute, they understand the key to survival is to stay out of the sun. VERY COOL!

Unknown said...

John put your garlic clove in the ground about the middle of Sept then about May the fowlling year it will be ready to pull an dry.