Wednesday, March 30, 2011

more rocks...

Met up with my buddy JLP (frequent blog commenter) and Sandra at the GrubShack for breakfast...then the tour.  Three generations of longhorns on hand - Benita, Beatrice, and Penelope.  I really enjoy showing long time readers the spread.  Although we have just met for the first time - it's like we are old friends.

Afternoon tour for my friend Stephen King (not the writer).  He is the Odessa branch manager for Mueller Steel in Odessa.   He has been following the progress at TFL since my first purchase.  Really glad he had a chance to come down and see their products as I have put them to use in real life.  I really gotta hand it to Mueller - they are VERY customer friendly. 

Did my "new cow" routine this afternoon to try and bond with Penelope.  Being so young, she doesn't quite get what range feed is yet but I finally managed to scratch behind her ears so I think she knows now that I'm OK.  She also figured out that my house is a good place to scratch her chin.

Late shift in the shade and I was back in the thick of it chopping out more rock on the NE end of the greenhouse.  Been rather labor slack lately so I figured it was time for some hard work - just to get it out of the way.  82,91,42,0,B


Quixote Kid said...

John, can you explain to a newbie to your website your weather annotation?


I've been trying to guess for days and can't get it.

?, Hi?, Lo?, Rain, No idea!


Margo said...

This secret string at the bottom of every blog post is: temperature at 8PM, high temp of the day, low temp of the day, amount of rainfall, wind conditions (C alm, B reezy, W indy, G usty )

(Cut and paste from one of John's earlier posts...sometimes I have to remind myself what it all means.) :-)

Quixote Kid said...

Thanks Margo! I had guessed the middle 3, but the two on the ends were giving me fits!

Makes sense now, thanks again.

markiesparkie said...

I gotta say, your outpost has enough art to it to make a pile of rocks look interesting and educational. Not just anyone can do that. Your cow buddies are too cool- it's a good feeling to have animals "like" you, I think.

Anonymous said...

Love what you are doing,the cows for
for pals is great story line for the blog
Also I sent a link !!!

Wayne said...

Hi John

A while back you had mentioned a local solar sales and installer but i cant remember when i read it, do you have their website? Was buying online the solar setup from a turnkey company but if he can match i would buy down there when i arrived and have him setup. Thanks Wayne (Blue Heaven Ranch and Observatory)

Eric said...

Is there a chance the labor on the rock pile would be worthy toward improving your muddy road access?

Brenda said...

Part of the secret of Penelope's skittishness is your height. (True of all newborn cattle and horses.) Squat down when you are around her and she will warm to you faster because you don't look so intimidating.

Peter said...

Hi Wayne,
You may be interested in the entries for Sept 2 and 3, 2009, where John and a buddy helped to fix a neighbors screwed up solar installation. a fella with the handle of denziel56 posted some comments and he seems to be an expert. - Irish Pete

r said...

I love reading your blog and visiting your site. Your spirit is joyful and a pleasure to share. Give Penelope some ear love from your fans in Arizona!

JLP said...

John: I am sorry I did not get back to you sooner to say thank you for a great tour of TFL. I really do feel like I have knbown you for a long while having kept up with the blog and then finally meeting you.

The Grub Shack buritto was outstanding and the service and conversation was fantastic.

If you ever make it to Elk City, OK be sure to look us up.

Thanks again.

J L (JLP) & Sandra Poff

Allen Hare said...

You go from one extreme to another - figuring out the electric components of a solar to refrigerator rig to breaking rocks. What a broad range of talents. One of my favorite authors, Robert Heinlein, said it well, something to the effect of "specialization is for insects, humans need to be proficient at many things....", or something like that. You embody his spirit.