Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Oil change this morning
Supply run for the GrubShack
Wheat grass experiment going to seed
No Mr. Cow and calf
Yes Benita and Mr. Floppy
Chopped some more rock
Cleared the courtyard
100 Benita mugs arrived
Ordered boxes and packing
Shipping info soon


ezrablu said...

Loved my postcards...please save me a mug :o) I have one of the first postcards of Benita that came with my Field Lab tshirt hanging on my fridge. Everybody that sees it around here knows who Benita is and they read her Facebook page.

John Wells said...

thanks EZB...will save a mug for you. I won't rest until Benita appears on The Today Show.

Bruce S said...

Go Benita Go! I'm in for two mugs when you get set up. I hope you have time to get ready for your new visitors.

Tim said...

Have you named the new cow yet?

shawn said...

Multi Tasker

De La Mancha said...

John - Save a mug for me too! Let me know how much and where to send the dinero.

D. S. Brown
AKA: De La Mancha

Anonymous said...

Great Blog,envy your life style,I am a 85 year old individual that has done about every thing,still live off our land some what in ND, Garden and organic meat,venison,wild turkey and orther wild game plus fish from a river on our property.sending a birthday card to Benita from Hong Kong which is where I am now.My blog is (adrian at riverside)