Sunday, June 3, 2012

salad sunday

In honor of my upcoming meal, the hens got a gourmet breakfast this morning...grated cabbage and carrots with quinoa seed - served on china.

Had my first salad from the greenhouse tonight: bibb, arugula, and mizuna lettuce - malabar spinach - swiss chard - french breakfast radish - basil - mexico midget tomato.  Added sunflower seeds and 4 hard boiled eggs (from Bonnie Cain's hens).  Dressing was salsa chilpotle and olive oil.  89,103,75,0,B, .21


Billy Bob said...

Look'n at the first photo, I says to myself...."my God, he ain't gonna eat that is he"? Then I read it was dinner for the hens.....damn.
The second photo is a desirable look'n salad. Although it's miss'n fresh diced chicken. Not yours silly, from the freak'n store.

Great news that a man can survive on groceries produced in his own homemade green house. Good on ya John.

Dani said...

Looks like the chicken actually wanted your dinner more than the grated one LOL Ain't that the way - children's eyes are always bigger than their stomachs!

Anonymous said...

delicious provocative salad that one such a "food desert" (Terlingua)
Availability of vegetables and fruits is my main concern there as I'm diabetic, needing a Diabetic Diet .Congratulations man..(after ALL yu ve invested there it s a very expensive first salad dude !

Anonymous said...

talking VIDEOS please enjoy this one : (Crop applies to Terlingua development posibilities dudes) ENJOY -copy and paste if not active-

James said...

How was the salad?

Allen Hare said...

Man, that's a delish looking salad. The hen food ain't bad, either.