Friday, June 29, 2012

sir bendalot

Bent and lined the oven started on the door.  Took a "brake" mid day because OBC was looking for some shade, so I closed down the work zone for a couple of hours. 

Got a UPS delivery today - some mylar to try out as reflectors for the oven. (I just know this won't hold up well out here - but I gotta try it)  Discovered some new life on my almost dead Pineapple Guava tree.  96,106,72,0,B, .10


MontelloOffGrid said...

...bends looking good! patiently anticipating cooking results!!!

Just Me said...

Mylar is UV resistant. What you gotta watch out for it abrasions.

Dale said...

The design from the site you referenced had the cooking tray fixed in the center of the tilt axis, pretty simple. You seem to be going for something different, maybe similar to a pendulum, a bit tricky. Why, just to put your own twist on it? Complexity = more maintenance.

JeffreyLH said...

I always thought a small fan inside the oven would help the low temps in solar oven cook faster, just like my convection oven at home. Just a thought. Great looking oven so far.

Rev.JimmyLeeBob said...

Blast from the past, had a 9'
mutton snapper rod named Sir Bendalot back in the day.The oven
is marvelous! What time is lunch ?

Allen Hare said...

It sure is nice and SHINY!

Good luck with the mylar. I somehow don't think it will hold up out there, too.