Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Clutter be gone...

My new night time outdoor refrigerator worked very well last night. Cracked the lid when I went to bed last night and we had a low of 30 overnight. I have found that by keeping a lot of beer in the fridge - it holds the cold in longer. If I drink too much, I loose efficiency - the perfect balance. Positioned the new ice box just right of my front door on the porch. Cleaned up a few items around the building. No work on the solar oven today.

Finally ready to present some after pictures of my efforts over the past week. The interior wiring and lighting are done. Note the new cabinet doors - and kitchen, office, and bedroom task lights. Now that the latest chaos is unraveled, I see minor bits of chaos all around my that must be attended to. I reckon a fair bit of minutia is on tap for the time being. Now the big question is, "How long can I hold off the clutter".

1 comment:

Herb Clark said...

Very Neat! But do you have the cabinet doors open by voice command? No knobs present.