Friday, November 21, 2008

crazy yucca

Well ...we did not have one of those days where the temperature jumps up after sunrise....cold and windy all morning. Only up to 48 by 11AM. Was planning on a trip to Alpine today but with the temps tending to be 10 degrees cooler there, I decided to stay down south. Took a ride to Study Butte with Ronald for lunch. Also stopped in the hardware store there to book my Uhual for next week...Tom at Study Butte Hardware gets a cut of the action if I book it through him. That is where I will drop off the truck after I unload. Now I'm all set for my trip.

Was 2:30 by the time I got back home. It's really hard for me to start any projects that late in the day. Managed to get back on the computer and figure out the weather station software I loaded yesterday. First thing I found out is that the software will run on Vista also - so shut down the desktop and loaded the software into my laptop. Got most of it figured out....will take a couple of hours to download the stats from my weather station back to late May. It can also give the current weather info to the laptop in a window. Lots of different options to explore. So much for today...last item I twisted my arm to do was wire up one of my ceiling vent fans to the circuit breaker.
Low this morning was 29 degrees. We only reached a high of 59 with wind all day. Right now at 7:45 its already fallen to 43 degrees. My heater works like a charm! Tomorrow is supposed to warm up a bit - to the mid 70's for a high. Photo of the day from the favorite crazy yucca growing on my property.

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