Saturday, November 15, 2008


Excellent shopping day today in Alpine. Ran into Chuck and Kathy right after they picked up a used jeep they bought. Then while in the parking lot at McCoy's Building Supply, my new friend Ara showed up complete with pit bull in sidecar. Got everything on my list and then some. Just before I left town I went out to visit my Alpine buddy, Bennet Jones. I got hooked up with him via the internet before I moved out here as he is starting an alternative energy business in the area. Here is his website... When I read his bio on the site over a year ago, I discovered that we both attended the same college in NC at the same time but never met back then. Above photos of McCoy's and the view looking south of the highway 20 miles from home.

Got home and unpacked by 3PM. As it seemed too late to get started on any projects out here, I decided to do a load of laundry down in Study Butte. Even out here, the Jehovah's Witnesses have their reach. Found this Spanish language brochure in the laundry. They had quite a complex in my old Brooklyn neighborhood. Part of their deal is only a certain number will be taken to Heaven when the end of the world comes. I always figured when I lived in Brooklyn that all I had to do was grab on to one of them in the event that the world came to an end suddenly and I would get a free ride. Now that I am already in Heaven on Earth....don't reckon I need to grab onto one to go that next step. I'm not so certain they are all due for a trip to Heaven anyway...

Returned to the estate at 4:30PM and hung the laundry out to dry. Cool day today with a high of only 40 degrees. Made some free unlimited long distance calls to some friends late this afternoon into the evening. May just have to fire up the heater tonight for the first time this "winter".

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