Tuesday, November 11, 2008

there's no place like home

Hit the road at 5:15 AM this morning....no heavy traffic weaving through downtown Phoenix due to Veteran's Day holiday. Made really good time getting home...under 12 hours including one gas stop along the way, a souvenir shop to pick up some cactus candy, and a grocery and gas stop in Alpine. Got home just as the sun was setting on my dirt road. All was well back at the ranch. Called the powers that be in Phoenix to let them know I made it home safely. Grilled a steak for dinner and looking forward to waking up in paradise tomorrow and getting back to work on my desert empire. Grabbed a couple of shots on the way home....granite boulders in Texas Canyon, AZ and the meteorological balloon out side of Marfa.

1 comment:

trevor said...

welcome back. maybe i'll see you at the grub shack.

- trevor