Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Springtime in November

Slow day of getting ready to leave. So much easier to get up and go from my new desert life. Did a load of laundry this morning then cleaned up the grounds from my solar oven construction. Amazing how much debris forms from building something - even something small. Called my buddy who owns the mini storage in Austin (where my last bit of stuff is still hiding) to tell him a check is in the mail for November. We joked about how I figured out the whole mini storage scam - provide a place for people to put the stuff that they don't want to deal with, and you make a fortune providing the service for that very reason. Made arrangements for a visiting Sheriff friend of mine to run the show here and shoot intruders while I'm gone. Finished off the afternoon with 16 shots from my hand cannon. At 60 feet I was about 50% on target today. Best shot was the first one when I nailed a 8.5oz can. I have found target practice much more rewarding if the cans are filled with sand - that way they jump off the fence when hit. Otherwise - the bullet passes right through them and they don't even move. Cleaned the gun, took a shower, ate dinner and now some rest before tomorrows road trip to Phoenix. Photo of the day is a little plant that sprung up my the faucet on my water tank by the house. I dumped a little water on it the other day and yesterday I got thanked with some flowers. Springtime in November...

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Dawno said...

Hi again, still reading through your archives, found you via Boing Boing and commented the other day.

I love that picture. It shows what life in the desert is like so perfectly - tiny beauties like that plant, springing up wherever they can find the slightest advantage.

Would you be willing to grant me permission to use that picture on a set of notecards made for personal use only (not for sale) using my Cafepress account? I have done this with my own pictures of interesting plants I find where I live, but it would be wonderful to have a set with a desert flower.