Sunday, November 2, 2008

Prince of Darkness

Took care of business today. Did some cipherin' with a pencil and paper and figured out how to make the most out of a 4 x 8 sheet of OSB. Got all the pieces cut for my solar oven project and had just enough left over for the last 3 cabinet doors I needed. A page of "cut list figurin' " from my off the grid manifesto is freatured to the left. May not really make sense now - but just wait till it's all screwed together. Took a lunch break for some barBQ at Chuck's. Got back home and cut a few more pieces for my solar oven then Big Smile Ronald and Hat Bailey came by for a visit. I gave Hat the full tour. Always fun to show off the progress in person. Went back to Chuck's tonight to sit around a campfire for awhile with Aunt Kathy, Cousins Holly and Tod and Mustang Sally.

Countdown quote of the day from yours truly...."Death and taxes...2 things we will never avoid. There has been a lot of talk about taxes in this election but not enough about death. I would like to talk for a moment not about life...or choice(chance)....but about death. Let's put aside why we are fighting the war on terror and how we got there in the first place - lets deal strictly with numbers instead. Since the war in Iraq began March 3, 2003 - 4189 American soldiers have lost their lives. In that same amount of time, Pro Choice Democrats have killed through abortion at a conservative daily rate of 3500 per day, since March 3. 2003 - 4,198,707 potential American citizens with untold potential. 95% of these deaths occurred as a matter of convenience or birth control. You tell me whose death has more meaning. These kinds of numbers have huge Karmic repercussions so please think twice before you think pro chance."

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DL said...

What an ugly post for such an otherwise beautiful blog. How disappointing.