Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Who is the next President?

Very good day today. No more politics, just the will of the people. Started off with breakfast at our new eatery ( The Grub Shack ) at the end of my dirt road by the ranch supply store. More on this after I get the official final photo. Finished the stand for my solar oven. Filled the side walls with sand and sealed them off. Last step is to add a mirrored reflector to it as the sun is low in the sky this time of year. No temperature test today. Speaking of tests - I mounted the new anemometer to the corner of one of my shipping containers at about the same height as the wind turbines. The display that is actually a bike computer read out accurate wind speeds compared to my weather station anemometer all afternoon. More on this after I get the official final photo.

Had my "B" group of longhorns by for a supper snack. Still no sign of Benita. From left to right we have Elsalita, Casper, Grey Ghost, How Now, and Seniora Halderson.
Just found out by email that the party I will be attending this weekend in Phoenix is on Saturday not Sunday so I have to get it together to get out of here on Thursday morning. So much for tomorrow...

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