Wednesday, November 19, 2008

good neighbor policy

Community service day today...that means helping out some friends. This morning, Chuck, Ronald and I went up to help our friend Charley load a Uhaul trailer. My years of experience packing photo equipment came in handy. Got it packed quickly with plenty of room to spare. Charley treated us to breakfast sandwiches before we started and ice cream when we finished. I got a tiny tree he had started this past spring from just a twig - it survived a hot summer with little water. It is about 30" tall now. I hope it takes to being transplanted to the field lab.

This afternoon I built and hung the door for Chuck's deluxe composting toilet outhouse....going back in the morning to put some trim on. Took a break in the middle of this job to come home and re plant the tree (will have to ask Charley what kind it is as I forgot) and pick up some extra tools and wait for UPS to drop off. Met up with UPS Jerry at the ranch supply store. He has got to be one of their best drivers. Twice I have passed him on the highway and he recognized me and my truck and turned around to meet me by the side of the road to drop off a package. Today he had my belt and holster for the shootin' iron. I ordered it a month ago - it took some time because the holster had to be made to fit my revolver.

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