Thursday, March 5, 2009

Back in the saddle...

Low this morning of 43 - high of 101 in the sun. Punched the time clock this morning and got to work. Pulled out a sheet of OSB and started cutting pieces for my container concrete footing forms. Ran a little short of tool battery juice so shot over to Chucks to rip some 2x4's with some of his grid power and also to pick up money from his neighbor Nancy - I ordered a gate for her in Alpine to be delivered tomorrow. On the way out I passed two couples on quads heading out my direction - I told them how to get out to Terlingua Creek and suggested they stop by the Field Lab on their way back.
Had plenty of power when I got home. Finished cutting the side pieces for the forms and started on the bracing. Around 1:30 the creek travelers stopped by for a tour. Very nice folks. I followed them out to go pick up my mail. Completed the forms by 5PM. Worked in the shade of one of my shipping containers. Had 2 longhorns in for a snack around sunset - Caroline and Cosmo. I don't see them very often any more. Perhaps they are afraid of the drug trouble south of the border - hundreds of miles from me. Saw one very pregnant longhorn this morning stroll by - she looks like she is ready to drop any day now. Looking forward to the new crop of bovines to frequent my spread this summer.

When I dropped off the bread to KRTS the other day....Tom Michael asked if it was made with Chelada ( Budweiser and Clamato juice ). It wasn't but it got me thinking.... So today I tried a batch of the new Field Lab Specialty Bread - and although it sounds really weird, it is actually pretty good. Try it if you dare! Tastes best of course baked in a solar oven. I'm sending a chunk of it to Cousin Holly via Aunt Kathy tomorrow. Holly turned me on to Cheladas last year. Perhaps if I call it Holly Bread instead of Beer Clam Tomato Bread it will have more mass appeal.

4 cups self rising flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons mesquite seasoning
1 cup shredded Monterrey jack cheese
1/3 cup Parmesan cheese
1 16oz can of Bud Light Chelada

mix it all up, lightly kneed, and bake.

caution: contains tomato and clam juice.


MsBelinda said...

A friend of mine turn me on to Cheladas...I can just taste it!!!

I certainly would pay to buy "Holly Bread" as I love beer with clamato. Funny it was at the chili cook-off where I learned of such a concoction.

roxana said...

Clamato juice has HIGH FRUTOSE CORN SYRUP in it. I love the way it tastes, but don't drink it anymore. Alas! Roxana