Friday, March 20, 2009

Cousin Phil

Began the morning by bidding a fond farewell to David, Susan, Laurie, and Zuki...on their way back to life in the "real" world. Hung out as they finished packing up the truck then had one last coffee at the GrubShack and they were on the road.

Came back home and started cleaning up the house and grounds. Did my best to eliminate some of the dust inside my house and washed a big load of dishes that have been waiting for a bath for days. Had two different groups of longhorns in today. The second group included a new calf only two days old. Mom and son have been named Hortense and Zuki ( Zuki named after David's dog and Hortense because of those horns of hers)

Stripped the forms off the last pour and organized some of my construction materials. Had two separate visits from some locals today. Might just have to hire a tour guide if this kind of traffic keeps up.
UPS dropped off an order of goodies from Northern Tool late in the day as I was finishing up cooking dinner in the solar oven. My cousin Phil - wife Liz - son Markus arrived at 5PM. Gave them a tour then they went down the highway to check into their motel while I finished up the dinner prep. A totally solar cooked meal of Field Lab Bread and Spanish rice/chicken gumbo. We dined just out of reach of the windy evening on the west side of my house. My first official dinner party.

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Anonymous said...

Hey John, What solar panels do you get from Harbor Freight and how do you like them? Thanks, Jeff