Wednesday, March 18, 2009

one drink too many

Low 43 - High 100. Felt a bit sluggish all morning - perhaps it was that last rum'n'coke I had last night (or maybe it was the three I had before the last one). Had my breakfast sandwich at the GrubShack then came back home and took a 2 hour nap. Woke up to my phone friend from the Solitario was on his way back to the big city - I met him up at the highway because he too got a late start today. He had some leftovers for me and we bid farewell. Kind of reminded me of my best weekender friends when they would come and go from their country house. Sure am glad I don't have to leave here to go back to a life on the treadmill.

The guy I bought my land from came out for a visit this afternoon...He was happy to see the progress I've made out here so far. Finally got in the game just as the temp hit 100. Built and set the forms for the ass end of container #3. Managed to cut my re bar and considered only for a moment, continuing on with a pour. Decided I was done for the day and ended by stripping the forms from the last pour and running my leveling strings to prep for jacking up container #4.

Got an email today that my cousin from Canada will arrive on Friday. Making an Alpine run tomorrow morning to stock up on goodies for guests and parts for the pours coming up for container #4. The quest quarters are far from being finished so he and his wife and one of his FOUR kids will be staying just down the road at the Longhorn Ranch Motel. Funny that my first visit from a relative is coming all the way from Canada.....Canadians seem to love SW Texas...


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gumo said...

I enjoyed your story on Texas Country Reporter a couple weeks ago. And I enjoyed the 30 minute interview from Marfa Public Radio (online). Thanks for making your blog available for us to follow your progress. It gives us hope and lets us dream that some day we can do something like what you are doing.