Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Travel Day

Low 31 - High 99. Finally hit the road at 9:15 to head north....no longhorns this morning. Ran into a neighbor on the way out my road and chatted way too long. This guy is a retired chemistry professor and I immediately invited him to come out to the Field Lab any time. Didn't get in to Alpine till almost 11. Swung by the courthouse to check out the latest Brewster County Sheriffs sale of delinquent tax properties. Land got snatched up at pennies on the dollar. Proceeded west to drop in on the studios of Marfa Public Radio and delivered my latest solar oven bread to Tom Michael who interviewed me. He walked me over to his wife's shop where she has a brilliant internet business going...bringing back an age old tradition - embroidery. http://www.woolandhoop.com/

Stopped by McCoys to order more concrete to be delivered. Stopped in at Johnson Feed for more snacks for my longhorn buddies and picked up a new brain shade just east of there to replace my soon to be worn out walmart cowboy hat. Made a pass by my friend Bennett Jones' to check up on some solar panels he has ordered. Made a quick trip into the Food Basket to stock up on more beer bread supplies. Ran into and finally had a chance to officially meet my new Alpine BFF....we have exchanged nods at the store during my last couple of visits and now we have connected. She is a brilliant painter and has the same affection for burros that I have developed for longhorns. http://emilyoftexas.wordpress.com/ I have seen her paintings around town and figured this would be someone I would like to know because I loved the work so much. Happy to make a new connection.

On the way home I spotted a brush fire about 10 miles south of Alpine....apparently it grew quite a bit because I was hearing about it on KRTS for hours after I passed it. We are in a serious brush fire condition right now with hot, windy days and low humidity. These fires can consume hundreds of acres in a matter of hours. I hope they got this one out by now cause it's getting really windy tonight.

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