Monday, March 9, 2009

Concrete for the ages

Low of 46 - high of 96. Got up and got to work. Finished the 4 corner pour of container #2 by 12:30. Feels pretty good to get all that labor done in the first half of the day. Sat back and admired the accomplishment then went online to check the weather. We are due for a cold front Tuesday night through Friday that may bring some rain. In advance - I watered my sprouting Lace Wing Elm that I transplanted from my friend Charley's place. He got this last year on Arbor Day as just a twig - it started to grow at his place and I adopted it when he moved away to California. My first tree at the Field Lab.

Since we have a chance of rain coming up, I decided late to make an Alpine run. I needed some more cinder block pavers to situate my final two containers. Also picked up some food items for me and Coke for Chuck. A nice mix of tasks accomplished for the day.

Got home by 6PM and waited for a sunset to happen. We had great cloud coverage but not the right amount of clearing to the west to turn it all red - another blue/grey sunset. Did capture the low sun almost at the equinox peak of my Field Lab Stonehenge. Shot the photo tonight as we may have too much cloud cover over the next couple of days. I'm thinking it might be in perfect alignment in 2 or 3 more days. Not quite a perfect equinox but I hope to be able to catch it at the exact mid point.


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful last photo there John, is there any chance you can link to a larger version for us to marvel at, or are you waiting for the even more perfect moment for that? (:

Anonymous said...

nice container-henge sunset! are you going to paint them white?

Admin. said...

The rain started here about an hour ago, looks [according to NOAA] to be moving your way, so hopefully will be at your place soon. We got a bit of an increase after 20 minutes into the rain, since then steady but light rain.