Saturday, March 14, 2009

light at the end of the tunnel

Low of 39 - High of 65. Day started off gloomy but cleared up beautifully by the afternoon. Headed to the Grub Shack for my favorite breakfast after feeding my favorite longhorns. Two idiots rutted the hell out of my road during the rain event. DANG! Will post a sign at the highway suggesting "in a friendly way" to please not drive the road when it's wet.

Went around to visit some other humans as I have been cooped up since Tuesday night here at the Field Lab. Checked in on David and he is just about done with his shade structure - not quite in time to catch any of the rain we just had though. He kept plugging away at it even with the chilly temps of the last couple of days. Reckon it beats working in 110 degree heat!

Just as I was heading out to collect some gravel from my road - I came across another group of longhorns heading my way. Turned around and they chased my truck back to the homestead. Gave them a hearty snack and noticed a new calf with the group - I named him Buck, his mamma is another favorite of mine - Angelina. He is less than a week old and must have had a tough start in life with the rain and cold.

Got started leveling off container #3 late. Taking my time with these last two as they are filled with all my stuff from NY. Got the high end set and will work on the lower end tomorrow with my double blocks I poured a couple of days ago. Found I need to tweak #1 and #2 a bit first as they are 5/8" out of alignment. Once they are set I can finish propping up the final two.
Sure is nice to see stars at night again...


jrisinger said...

I just watched you and Bob Philips on "Texas Country Reporter".
Your way of life is truly amazing. You are discovering how to maintain your daily existance as our pioneers did with a little help from technology. One has to admire a person of your adaptability and guts.

Good luck to you.

Julie R Orange, Tx

kahuna said...

Hey John, do female longhorns have horns? Is that angelina with her calf? I am totally jealous of these human/bovine relationships you're having. Every time I've been face to face with a cow, I've felt really emotionally grounded. They're neat animals.