Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The cousins left bright and early this morning. They called me from their motel at 7:15AM to let me know they were on the way out so I could meet them at the corner. Being woke up by the phone was almost like having an alarm clock. ( I haven't used one in years ) No wonder this world is such a mess with the multitudes having to start their waking hours with a loud noise to get up'n'atem. They stopped only long enough for a couple of photos and a quick goodbye just as the sun was rising. Gave Markus an old longhorn bone I found, much to his pleasure.

Had a long breakfast at the GrubShack then headed home. Benita stayed right in front of my house all night and has been here all day. We got all caught up on the past 5 months. She was quite impressed with all the progress here....as for her, it's been pretty much business as usual for an old longhorn. She doesn't appear to be pregnant so perhaps her breeding days have ended at 20+ years old. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUe-d7hFdmw
Headed over to one of the unfortunate junk yards that has occurred out in the desert to pick up a couple of chunks of rusty steel I've had my eye on and more Sotol stalks for my shower door. Spent the afternoon adjusting my green containers to line them up. Set container 3 down off its' extra blocks set for the concrete pour and twisted it a bit to line it up with container 2 ( which still has to scoot about 3/4" toward container 3 to leave me with three perfectly aligned containers. A tightly stretched piece of string, two hefty chunks of chain, a 2 ton come-along, a 6 ton bottle jack, and an attentive longhorn made easy work of it.


timetraveler said...

You have a welder? I see a fabulous art sculpture in that pile of rusty treasure!

Anonymous said...

Field Lab Brand Longhorn Biscuits. Any guns shows planned for Lajitas?

Anonymous said...

Hay John that junk is spair parts for us. Have a big smile to all