Monday, March 2, 2009

on the radio

Made it on the radio finally KRTS interview aired! Thankfully, I don't think I came off as an idiot. If you only linked up to the 630PM broadcast - you missed half the piece that was aired at 10AM. Plan on getting a wave file of the full interview that I can link from my website....I am heading up to Marfa tomorrow to drop off my newest solar oven bread creation baked today as a thank you. This one is 2 cups of self rising flour, 2 TBS of sugar, 2 TBS of McCormick's Grill Mates Mesquite Seasoning, 1 cup of small cubed Monterrey Jack Cheese. and 2/3 can of warm Keystone Light beer. Baked in the solar oven in a lightly oiled 48oz. tomato juice can - for 2 hours at 275 - 300 degrees. According to my Crazy Aunt Jean, cooking in a can was a depression era invention for baking bread. Gotta be careful when baking with cheese in such confined quarters as it tends to stick. Working on perfecting a recipe to create a little income for the Field Lab. Gotta put that solar oven to work.

Just got word that my Texas Country Reporter interview will be aired this weekend...thankfully, this press round is about to end. Check out their website to try and figure out when you can view it. I don't have a clue.

Worked on a planning and shopping list for the next stage of construction of the greenhouse building. Loading up tomorrow in Alpine after the trip to Marfa so I can get back to, I have run out of snacks for my longhorn buddies.


gumo said...

I can send you a DVD of your TCReporter show if you would like a copy.

MsBelinda said...

I am glad your interview finally aired.

Looks like you are really serious about putting your solar oven to work. I am not sure if I like your bread in a can method over the conventional one but it is one way to distinguish your creations from the bunch.

Anonymous said...

Dude...use that bacon fat to heavily oil the can. Cans are what created english muffins, add baking powder (Make sure its fresh).


Anonymous said...

that bread sounds like a gift from the gods. thanks for the recipe. do you knead and rise before cooking like normal bread or just mix and put in the oven?

WrethaOffGrid said...

Hey John, caught your interview, very interesting! My hubby and I are somewhat close by, we too live 100% off grid, it's amazing how similar we are. We built our cabin ourselves, pretty much did everything ourselves. Maybe we can meet sometime when you are coming into town for supplies, check out my blog, email me if you want. :)


Anonymous said...

hello john,
my first name is bruce and have spent time in your neighborhood belive it or not.i lived in terlingua ghost town from may 97 to feb 2002.i returned to galveston county,remarried then came back in 05 and bought property in the davis mountains. i heard your interview on marfa npr the other day and then i see you tonight on texas county reporter. i am an electrican and worked the mining industry just north of the ranch entrance, also electrical contractor for study butte water corp in terlingua, spent time at the lodge , cooked on the smoker by the cabins and laid in the sun by the coldest swimming pool in Texas, we should meet and talk about your time in the desert as i have a few stories to share with you .if you have the time please reply to

i am currently in ft davis working in alpine and waiting for my family to join me for spring break.
and by the way its trying to sprinkle outside right now @ 19:11 hours hope you get some to!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

we just saw you on Texas Country Reporter and found it very informative , We live in SandSprings texas and lean tword piddling , much to the dismay of our neighbors . What we call 'sustainable' our neighbors refer to as "atrocities" LOL , Though we do nothing on a grand scale , we are still feeling our way , We were releaved to see we werent alone . Just wanted to stop in and say Hello . Gregory and Toni Bodin