Wednesday, June 3, 2009

done painting

Finished up painting the tops of two containers by 11AM while it was still cool. Photo from the end of the day just as a mist fell in the area rendering a very fine rainbow. Benita was bewildered by my location above her field of vision while I was on top of the containers - I guess longhorns don't look up very often. Lunch at the Grub Shack. Hooked up with Chuck to transport one of my 1550 gal tanks over to his place so he can transfer water out of a 3000 gal tank. Procured some wire from Ryan for my house solar panel wiring streamlining. Cooked up a nice batch of Spanish rice and ham in the solar oven for dinner. Ended the day trying to set up my wifi for open access - almost there but not quite. Soon the Field Lab will have free 24 hour internet access for anyone who wants it.


Lexstok said...

Wow ! A double rainbow again ! Very beautifull. Thank you for sharing this with us, I enjoy all your 'dispatches' and just love the pictures of wide open spaces !

MsBelinda said...

Congratulations on a job well done. Love the double rainbow on this shot as well.

Your neighbors will be very appreciative to have free 24 hour wifi in the not so distant future.

neil said...

How To Build A Tin Can Waveguide WiFi Antenna

Ben in Texas said...

Let us know how your free wi-wi thing goes, would like to consider it here for my neighbors, and Neil, I like that Can antenna ,, but that doesn't broadcast, just receive, right?

And your rainbow, they must be particular to that area. Many years ago I saw a double with the faint hint of the third down there in the same general area.

Billy Bob said...

Yo John, I must say, you did a wonderful job on the containers, from this angle anyhows. Can visualize all the palm trees and exotic plants around the outside and fresh veggies grow'n inside. You inspire me every day to get off my "old" butt and do something....anything.

I'm still look'n for that perfect piece of property. You know, that one with all the hard work already done. Hope to see ya again before the year comes to an end.

Since the "saga" of Leon and his dog, people are still wondering if "Leon has left the building" or if he is still camping. Update us.

I did the free wifi at the slabs last year and had not a minutes rest with all the campers drink'n up my coffee and chatting.

You're a good man John Wells.

neil said...


Your typical WiFi adapter has one antenna for send and receive. Therefore, a cantenna is a simple replacement antenna that sends and receives. You can use a cantenna for 2 mile line of sight connections and extend you can that range with a cantenna on each end.

Not good for general coverage as they are highly directional. But great for beaming a link to Ryan.