Saturday, June 20, 2009


Somehow I managed to sleep through a couple hours of pounding rain sometime around midnight. Total accumulation was 1.18". When I got up this morning I noticed that it looked like water had been running down my driveway. Checked the rain gauge then knew to go look at the dam.....full again (including a silt island) with more than enough flow to clean out the area where the lower dam will go. Didn't catch a drop of the raging creek but did get about 130 gallons off my roof. The whole experience discovering the overnight weather reminded me of waking up to a morning blizzard that led to a snow day from school.

Managed to use up one pallet of block to get started on my dry stacking. It sure goes quickly but the blocks get a little heavier each time I pick one up. Did 5 courses on the west and south entrances and part of the east entrance. Nice sunny hot day most of the day which I didn't mind as it helped dry out the road. Only about 1 mile of my road is passable from the Field Lab before I found some swampy spots and wash outs. Another day and a half of blazing sun ( and no more rain ) and the road to the GrubShack will be good to go. The flooded road is Chuck's favorite section to drive through.


RikDeere said...

It's amazing to see all that water!

eriko said...

So are you going to back fill the block with concrete to stabilize them?

Just wondering what you are up to.

rj said...

You have to read the comments - John adds details - concrete to be added a few posts back in the comments

don said...

Wow! The high desert is getting a whole lot more rain that San Antonio.

eriko said...

RJ thanks. I will read back a few.

Texmom said...

John, I'm a new reader from a re-run of the Texas Country Reporter. I've am still catching up from the archives.

Did you blog your first year and is it available. I am able to read those blog entries from 2008, but it would be REALLY interesting to read your first days on the desert.

Now a devoted fan and daily blog reader. I get thirsty reading your daily items. Even though I live in Texas it is only just now getting into the triple digits here. Of course, we have the horrid humidity to put up with. I live in central East Texas.

I appreciate the work that goes into your daily blog. Thank you for sharing your life with me/us.


czardastx said...

It's great to see that rain, that's a really good amount. I know that you really depend on it and it's good to see it coming your way.

I'd like to echo Laurie above and state that I too am now a daily reader of your blog. I really enjoy reading about your triumphs, ingenuity and daily doings.

The block looks good. You got a lot done in one day. I'm anxiously awaiting updates on the progress.

One more thing, Benita is a beautiful longhorn, I can see why she would be your favorite.

Paul - Georgetown, TX

MsBelinda said...

I am glad you as well as the other people that live out your way and depend on the rain got your fair share.

In Houston we are bone dry. No precipitation whatsoever in the month of June.