Friday, June 12, 2009

Free water pump

Not so busy day but... Went to visit a buddy who has a place way south of me. He gifted me with an ass kicking gas powered water pump and a bunch of hoses to enhance the abilities of the Field Lab to collect storm runoff - perhaps just in time as we have two days of 30% chance of rain coming up this weekend. Got my timer kit in the mail and itchin to fire up the ol' soldering iron.


Patricia said...

Had no Idea a palm would grow in that!!!

KE5MIL said...

Congratulations on the very fine acquisition. Wow, that is a very cool friend in deed. And what a beautiful adobe home; I wonder if he built it himself. Your friend looks like he may be a HAM as well. If I'm correct, looking at your pics, I think I detect a push up pole with a TRAM 1480 dual band 2m/440cm Co-Linear Antenna about 30' up and I bet that does a very nice job with making contacts on the local repeater systems.

Allen Hare said...

Excellent score on the water pump.
What a beautiful casa. What's he asking for the place?

MsBelinda said...

Great acquisition for the Field Lab and the price is right, lol.

What a cute house!! Why would anyone want to move from such a tranquil setting?

What was the high temperature today?

Unknown said...

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