Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Matinee

News later on tonight. In the meantime...enjoy the show.

We're back... with news of the day: Here is a still photo of my new Field Lab friend, Jacques. He was in again this morning with the same group and got his fair friendly share of attention. Did laundry down in Study Butte and had an early lunch at the Big Bend Motor Inn Cafe while waiting for my wash to worsh. As luck would have it, Chef Ronaldo was on the clock to cook my meal. He really didn't cook much as I ordered the Smoked Turkey Sandwich with curly fries....but I have to say that even the way Ronaldo folds the smoked turkey makes it taste exquisite. (Chef Ronaldo is only available for your dining pleasure at The Big Bend Motor Inn Cafe on Saturdays and Sundays, 6:30AM till 2:30PM) The nicest guy in Texas and the best cook south of the GrubShack. Back home I managed to get out in the heat for about an hour to service the go kart. Spent the afternoon out of the heat ( 110 in the shade today ) catching up with my Niles relatives back east.

Heating up a can of Ranch Style Beans against the west side of my building to compliment the cold cheese & spam on crackers that is on the menu tonight. I can't help but wonder how Chef Ronaldo would prepare this meal...


Billy Bob said...

Yo John, nice video of Guillermo. Funny, I was think'n the other day, "why don't John climb up on the back of one them longhorns and have the ride of his life". With Guillermo, I think you could and leisurely stroll around the Fiel Lab.
Sorry you can't get out and do any productive chores for the heat, but remember, in only 2 more months it will be back in the 90's. :)

KE5MIL said...

I bet Rolnado could whip up some kinda awesome spam chili with cheese sprinklers...and call it “Longhorn Whisperer Chili” LOL! Hey when Mr. Brown comes back in or if you seen him before...please let him know that he his more than welcome to email me anytime with HAM questions. Any HAM questions, at all.

Ben in Texas said...

John,, gotta be careful petting Guillerm. His horns are his defense, and one day, just shaking his head, he can do you some real damage. I know it is tempting, but you really don't want him following you around. Trust me, I grew up with Cows and as cute as some of them are they are not dogs, all they care about is eating and breeding, and survival.

MsBelinda said...

Wow 110 in the shade!!! The weather report says it is raining in Terlingua, hope you got some.

You eat chicken, turkey, spam, but I never have seen you cook you not like beef?

How are Ryan and Diego doing?

Allen Hare said...

Nice video. I really like the picture of Jaques.
My wife and I have eaten breakfast many times at the Big Bend Motor Inn Cafe. It's a handy place, and right near the coin-op showers out back!

Bob O said...

Fun video, but be careful not to get stepped on while wearing those crocks!

BTW, glad to hear there's another spam afficianado out there--it's one of my basic food groups! Have you fried any in the solar oven?