Monday, June 1, 2009

Oil Change

Ran down to Study Butte and shoved in a load of bedding laundry. Got an oil change at Archie's just down the road while the linens swooshed in the machines. I always enjoy hanging out with Archie at his auto service shop. Got back home at 1PM and painted the top of one container in the boiling sun. A bit too hot to proceed and I'm down to a half gallon of paint with two tops to go. Will need two more gallons to finish it all up. Worked a delightful shower into the scheme of things.

Took Ryan to the Starlight for a birthday dinner. We got back around 7:30PM. I contemplated finishing off the last half gallon but ended up nixing any more late day labor. Opted on visiting yet another new neighbor camping out on land north of me and west of Ryan's. 'We sat'n'chatted till the sun set. A very nice guy named Robert who shoots video of western landscapes for Japanese television - will pass on his website tomorrow since I can't seem to remember it now.


Shadowmoss said...

Silly question, especially now that you are almost done: why use a roller rather than a paint sprayer? You would seem to have enough power there to run one with the windmills. Also seems it would be faster.

I have never used a sprayer myself, but when I consider these containers for myself that's what I envision using to paint them, a sprayer.

John Wells said...

The final coat of paint will be done with my sprayer. Should work well as we are coming up on sunny windless days through June into July.

MsBelinda said...

Containers are looking good.

Wanted to ask what kind of tents the people camping close to you are using. By that I mean if they are nylon or canvas? It would be interesting to know for Burningman since the climates are similiar.

Allen Hare said...

The containers sure look nice. It's good that you are getting the tops painted as well. Do you notice any temperature difference inside them since you've painted them?

mwsmarc said...

John, thanks for treating Ryan on his birthday. I'm his dad and my e-mails haven't reached him on his computer in the shop. I will be there to visit late Friday and all day Saturday. Look forward to meeting you.

Unknown said...

I would be interested in monitoring your weather station online. Is that possible yet?
I have been traveling the triangle of Marfa, Alpine, and Fort Davis since 1965 whenever I can escape the confines of San Antonio. The area captivates me still. Good luck to you in your West Texas adventure.