Saturday, June 13, 2009


Got some bug bites overnight...was dreaming about the conenose beetle when I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep... at 5 AM! Went outside to pee and heard the clomp...clomp...clomp of Benita coming in for an early breakfast. Decided to just stay up and start an early morning. Was so close to setting a first course of blocks with the rising sun when I started getting hungry. Skipped starting real work in lieu of a GrubShack breakfast. Came home stuffed then laid down to catch my breath - woke up an hour later and the temp had zoomed to 101.

A hot mid day and chance of thunderstorms tonight prompted me to head down to Study Butte for some refrigerant. Home at the Field Lab by 2PM and plugged in the soldering iron. Took about and hour and a half to lay all the parts out then fix them on the circuit board. Haven't lost my touch. Dug up some parts to wire it up and put it to some testing on the Pepino pump. Good news is it works just right. Now I just have to tweak the potentiometers to dial in the best on and off times to circulate the right amount of water to give me the lowest temperature out of the unit. A couple of thunderstorm zoomed right north of me with just a few drops on my dry lot.
Made a new friend late tonight...


KE5MIL said...

LOL, nothin like a nice big hot breakfast to put you out for an hour or time I pass thru the area...I'm gunna most definitely stop at the Grub Shack for one of those Sausage, Egg, and Tex Toast McMuffins. I can see you have done this before, nice solder work...I'm curious to see the results with adding the timer.

MsBelinda said...

I definitively have to check out the Grub Shack when I'm there. Even West Texas Realty in one of their property descriptions commented on the great hamburgers that can be had there.

The soldering stuff is a little over my head but if anyone can make it work you can.

My dial-up internet is too slow to load the video but will earmark it to watch at a later time when I am at a high speed connection.

KE5MIL said...

I completely missed the video; that’s pretty darn cool. Burros sure have big ears.

J.P. Carter said...

You mentioned bug bites in the night. Why don't you have a bed net? Will probably solve your problem.