Saturday, June 6, 2009

wires and rocking chairs

Had an early morning visit from my friend John Stolt. He and his wife were here about 2 weeks ago and got the full Field Lab tour. They remarked while viewing my front porch that I really needed a rocking chair. When John showed up this morning he had a rocking chair gift in tow for me. He and a cousin hit the road after their delivery for a Grub Shack breakfast. I called Betty right as they drove east to tell her that their breakfast was on me. Not only did Mr. Stolt bring me a rocking chair....he also refused the free breakfast offer and insisted on buying my next meal there. Not to be overpowered by his generous double gifting...I popped a loaf of Field Lab Specialty Bread into the solar oven. Alas....I was not been able to track him down this afternoon to deliver it. Hopefully I will catch him before he leaves tomorrow morning. I had the Grub Shack Reuben Sandwich for!

Made two trips out this afternoon to try and track down the Stolt for his bread delivery but still no luck. Did a bit more grounds clearing then untangled the mess of wires that was my solar rig by the house. All that's left now is a box and some flexible conduit for the run from the panels to the battery banks. With the new slack I can wheel the rig way out to catch the late afternoon sun.


Bob O said...

Great rocking chair! I just came to appreciate them myself while staying at Claytor Lake State Park in Virginia (worth checking out if you're down around VT). There were eight of them on the porch of my cabin, and we used them incessantly!

Anyway, that's why I have not been commented to much lately, been on vacation and doing some family activities and reunion type stuff. But, I came home today to: mow an acre of lawn; split some early winter firewood; kill a copperhead found on the lawn going into my basement; pulled a tick off my daughter; pulled a tick off my dog; pulled a tick off myself. So, I can see where you're going with dealing with small critters.

Anyway, a continued pleasure and inspiration reading your blog! I just wish I could get to the Grub Shack on a Friday!

MsBelinda said...

What a nice gift. Now why don't I have some friends like that?

Your solar rig is looking good!!

TROUBLEnTX said...

saw u on country reporter, was fasinated. then read ur blog about a neighbor, stolt, lives just around the corner. lol, i live in Llano.

Unknown said...

Hope you are having a good day. I enjoy reading your blog.
How do I find out how to build a solar oven like yours ? I would love to build one.

Glenn Judah

Ben in Texas said...

Roads of Texas here in Fort Worth,just had re-run of the show he did on you. Wish I could find the entire uncut clip.

Unknown said...

John, saw you this morning on Texas Country Reporter and, wow, I'm impressed as all git out. Love your website. Will be a faithful reader from now on. I am too old and disabled to do anything the likes of what you're about, but I can "look in" while you do. When I was younger I dreamed of an adobe abode way out there where you are. How come you didn't go adobe? Regards and good health to you.

Dan Sailers said...

I was introduced to your field lab this morning on Texas Country Reporter. Looked you up on google to find your blog. I have a good friend that lives out there . He used to run Beechies Auto Service. I'm jealous, wish I had a spot out there.

Anonymous said...

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