Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dos de Mayo

Low of 70 - High of 100. Had a tough time getting to sleep last night due to the heat. May be an indication that it is time to stick the swamp cooler back in the window. Attaining a certain level of comfort is a good project motivator. Nice cloudy morning which enabled a couple hours of just good ol' grounds policing. Cleared most of the construction debris from all the footing pours. Did a little interior cleaning as the day heated up. Took over an hour to burn some DVD's of my recent press to send to the relatives and a few select friends back home. The sun broke through around 3:00PM just in time to pop a game hen in the solar oven. It cooked for 2 hours then the rice and beans went in. Go-karted away the afternoon then a nice sunset dinner. Even though the standard work week no longer applies to me, it's hard to shake the thought that weekends are an excuse to slack off.


Bob from Athens said...

Don't think of the weekends as an excuse to slack off, rather a time to rest and regenerate for the upcoming week.

Allen Hare said...

What would it take to get one of those DVDs from you?