Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pepino Swamp Cooler

Spent 3 hours online this morning delving into my G9 snafu. Couldn't find a viable DIY solution but discovered that the camera is still under warranty. Decided to send it in for repair and cleaning. Took another hour to dig up my proof of purchase, box the sickly camera up, and print out the repair authorization and the UPS label. Headed to the Grub Shack and hung out there for 2 hours as the heat of the day began to build. Caught Uncle Jerry (UPS) as he pulled into the Ranch Supply Store around noon. Told him "I got a box for you this time"...he replied with "well that's awfully thoughtful of you". Took a look at my label and said it will go out on a plane tonight. I love great service.

The swamp cooler was on the afternoon schedule. Cut a new chunk of 4" thick cardboard padding I bought last year to try out. It is the same material they use in industrial size green house evaporative coolers. Cobbled together the parts from last year and fired it up for some afternoon cooling. Only problem I see is that I need a bit more water flow what with the new evaporative media. Also need to upgrade some of the plumbing and the water tanks for the system to make it more efficient and purdy....but at least it still works!

Had a problem with my refrigerator today as well. The compressor was tripping out the inverter and not starting up. Did some brain surgery on the guts of the machine and found a doo-dad not where it was supposed to be. Not that it really matters...but I don't know what it does but now that it is in place, the fridge makes cold again. Ended the day by moving my winter ice box inside. Bought my first block of ice since November last year just to chill down some brewskies and see how it works out as a chest style fridge.

Photo of the day from yesterday. First sign of a yellow headed black bird this year at the Field Lab. Got this shot just before the camera locked up on me.


Allen Hare said...

It's good to hear that your camera is still under warranty, and that you were able to find the proof of purchase. Hope it gets back to you soon. I didn't know that you had an actual refrigerator. I guess you have to keep those groceries cool somehow. It's pretty cool that you are able to power the 'fridge, computer, lights, chargers, etc. on just wind, and solar. A couple of friends and I were discussing you at a party over the weekend. One, in particular, was especially doubtful about the long term viability of your venture. Seems like you are proving them wrong daily. Keep up the good work. I hope to join y'all out there eventually.

Richard said...

I think the venture is viable as long as support (eg friends, neighbors and the Grub Shack) remains accessible. The Social Aspects of human nature can't be minimized.

boborama said...

Interesting point raised during Allen's party discussion about the long-term viability of "The Field Lab." In engineering terms, one would first have to define the phrase "long term" as a measurable period of time. Five years? 10? 20? Then one would have to specify if The Field Lab would have continued access to outside resources, or if it would have to sustain itself as an encapsulated entity with not outside connections. Finally, one would have to specify the level of personal energy that would be available to maintain the "family of systems" John is designing and intergrating as his "machine for living" (aka, "The Desert Empire"). After that, just do the math and buy and store the spares. In actuality it's a bit more complex than that, but that's the basic idea.

What's really intriquing, however, is if you look at The Field Lab as a microcosm for Earth...and then start to talk about long-term viability.


MsBelinda said...

I wasnt aware you had a refrigerator either.

I am glad your camera is still under warranty.