Friday, May 29, 2009


When I re-mounted turbine 3 I knew I was taking a chance mounting the hub with only one stainless steel bolt and two crappy stove bolts. I even picked up the new bolts and lock washers two weeks ago but failed to install them in time. So I go out in the morning and do my rounds picking up stuff that got blown around last night and I come across a chunk of wind turbine blade....slowly I turned...step by step...inch by inch...glancing over my shoulder I view three wind turbines with blades and one without. Just goes to show you it don't pay to skimp on the proper hardware. I have one more back up set of blades to mount......very carefully....

Ryan came by at 8:30 and we headed over to hook up the trailer I found for him. Chuck came by to lend a hand and Ryan was on his way to Alpine by 9;30 to pick up the bobcat - before he hit the road, he checked the trailer lighting, bearing grease, and tire pressure...I stopped at the GrubShack for breakfast with Chk&Kthy.

Came back to the Field Lab and got all prepped to finish priming the containers then ended up spending a couple of hours peeling the last EVERGREEN letters off the south side of the SW container. Stopped back at the GrubShack for late afternoon ice tea. Betty sells ice now - $1.50 / price south of Alpine!

Took a go kart ride over to check on Ryan. He just finished up all the digging including his newly leveled spot for his trailer, a rough cut road to the top of his hill, and some Terlingua Ranch Road repair he needed to do. Then he offered to come over for some dam digging for me. I obliged. He trailered the rig over to my place and spent an hour and a half digging out more dirt for the lower reservoir. He ran back and forth with the bobcat effortlessly. Now all I need is one more good rain to flush the area out and I will be ready for the new lower pond. Looks like we are near the end of evening thunderstorm threats. I predict we are in for the traditional 6 weeks super hot'n'sunny dry spell for June and part of July.

Worked a loaf of solar oven bread into the schedule today. This one is pretty spicy...with chipolte peppers. Ryan got a big chunk to take home for his efforts. That's the barter system at its ' finest....I hook him up with a trailer and get two weeks worth of what would be hand labor finished in less than 2 hours. My friend the trailer owner will be handsomely rewarded as well. This is the diesel generator that Ryan uses for his trailer which gets winched up to this pickup when he is on the road. Diego waited in the full on AC cooled trailer while Ryan was digging for me.
Thank you blog viewer 50.000!... from Comcast Cable out of Houston at 7:30:41AM this morning. You win a free tshirt and loaf of Field Lab solar oven bread.


rj said...

Can't beat the big boy tools for getting a job done quick...

MsBelinda said...

Neighbor helping neighbor at its finest!!!

Good to know that Betty sells ice at a rather reasonable price for Terlingua.

Is Ryan going to make this his permanent home?

Congratulations to the 50,000 visitor!!!

neil said...

Niagara Falls!!!
Stooges on Youtube

TexasMan said...

Wow! 50,000!!

Should have known I was not the ONLY person in the Houston area who enjoys your blog.

Already planning for a lower pond!! Can't get enough of that liquid gold (water that is).