Sunday, May 10, 2009


HOT TODAY. Woke up with my game face on. Got half of the NW container primed by noon...then there were too many UV rays pouring out of the sky. Showed Leon (my neighbor tent camping nearby) how to get to the swimming hole so he could cool off his dog. Dropped off a chunk of solar oven bread to my friend Hat...and cooked another cornish game hen this afternoon. Dropped it off to Leon as I was headed to dinner at Crusty Ken's. Great spread of fish, pork stew, grilled onions, and fried onions and potatoes. Attended by the Director of the Field Lab, CK, Dale, Grub Shack Betty, Mr. Fred, Connie the water lady from Terlingua, and two dogs - Scratch and Bo. Entertainment provided by CK's Time Life Collection of Grand Ol' Opry dvds playing on his computer in the outdoor dining hall. Came home at 8PM to find another major thunderstorm brewing. Had a long phone chat with my old Brooklyn buddy, Brigette who lives in Taos these days. Quite the lightning show out there (kind of scary but thanks to DSL and doppler radar I know exactly where the worst of it is) I think the rain is going to stay east of me again. Also had some 40 mph gusts tonight. Will be interesting to see how Leons tent encampment made out. Seems we have another chance of this happening tomorrow night.
Photos courtesy of the little Nikon Coolpix I picked up last trip to Alpine. I reckon I needed a spare digital camera to get me through till G9 comes home.


Allen Hare said...

I'm glad to hear you got some work done on the containers. It will be good to see them painted. Can you share with us what color, or colors you have in mind? It's always good to have a spare camera. I have a Canon Digital Rebel with a couple of lenses and a good Canon Speedlight, but, I always cary around this little shirtpocket sized Canon Powershot SD 1100, just in case. Glad to hear you picked up a spare. It's good to see some current pictures again. Hope you get some good rain out of all this stormy weather.

Anonymous said...

Some time when you get a chance, could you give us a drawing of what the final plans are to look like using the containers and enclosure you are building? What all are you planning to use the containers and the courtyard for?

Billy Bob said...

Like the way you keep everyone intrigued about the containers. Don't say nuttin. Keeps 'em com'm back to see progress.
Wish I was there last night to hear the wind turbines "whin'n" in the wind. Should have cranked some watts.
After ya left yesterday, Lug Nut asked me why he couldn't go with ya to see the longhorns. Enjoyed your visit.
Rolled up my awning and shut windows, but wouldn't ya know rain at Kathleens R/V Resort.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog since seeing the episode on Texas Country Reporter and really admire how you are living off the grid.
I am curious about the swamp cooler. What if you added ice (water frozen in plastic bottles) to make the water colder which in turn would make the air colder.

John Wells said...

Like Bill Bob will just have to wait and see whats going to happen with the containers. As for adding ice to the swamp cooler water?...If I had the means to freeze a couple of bottles of water each day, I could be running an air conditioner instead.

Anonymous said...

John, I meant on your trips into town bringing back some frozen water bottles and placing them in the swamp cooler reservior.