Thursday, May 28, 2009


Worked off and on throughout the day and finished up the wheeled mount for my house panels by 7 PM. Last on the list for this project is to redo the wiring to clean it up but the rig works just fine. Ryan and Diego came by for a visit and to inquire about a trailer he can rent to transport a bobcat down from Alpine to start clearing his property to prep for a build. Luckily, I was able to hook him up quickly. Diego is a very cool dog. I'm thinking he needs a small set of faux longhorns to fit in with my regulars.


Billy Bob said...

Well John, I got to say them solar panels sure look good on the new rack. Ah, ya did fasten them??? You should get much more sun time with this set up. The casters are a great idea.
Look'n for some progress on the green house. Been a while since ya posted a pic of finished paint job. Ya ARE finished...right???

boborama said...

Haha! Paint job! Painting seems to never be finished!

Good to see you are doing well. I was thinking about buying a bobcat at one point, about ten grand, used...maintenance is hell, though. Renting may be better.

No G10 for me, yet, a daughter in the Peace Corps needs a new laptop. I will be doing a bit on the iPhone camera, though, so keep your eyes open. You are in a dust heaven, so, whatever you do, there will be dust in the G9. Those suckers are so hard to take apart, you gotta wonder how the dust got in, in the first place!

Anyway, you're an inspiration, John, to get me up and out and doing things...completing projects. Keep up the good work.

MsBelinda said...

Wheel mount look super. I thought that was the Ryan I had in mind but had forgotten his dog's name.
What is he planning on building?

lexstok said...

Back of the solar panel, right corner : what are those things ? Beer bottles in coolers ? Cactus ?

Mr_Brown said...


Congratulation on breaking the 50,000 visitor mark.


Allen Hare said...

Great looking shot of the surrounding countryside over the top of the solar panels.
I see what you mean about the wires, they could use a bit of imposed order.

Just Me said...

Does that caster wheel closest to the pivot point swivel? Looks in the pic like the other three are swivel casters, but not this one. The whole rack will move more easily if all the casters, whether they swivel or not, are oriented perpendicular to the radius drawn from the pivot point to the wheel. This would have them on a tangent to the arc of the rack movement.