Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A peculiar knack for the perpendicular

Just learned today that there is an updated photo on GoogleEarth of TFL taken 4/18/13.  Pleased to double check my near perfect rectangle of a pen I built for the boys.  I measured the long diagonals by hand when I built it.  Doesn't get much more rectangular than that.  Check it out on GoogleEarth and see if you can find Ben and Bud.  89,101,73,0,B,0


remmij said...

used goo maps instead of earth... not always the same.
Think Bud & Ben are part ninja or are napping in their condo - if I had to guess, looks like the far end of the ▯
off center, to the left? Ben is looking back at the homestead… may have to nickname them Waldo & Marco.

remmij said...

— took another run at it:
29.54932,-103.586708 - Ben- give or take?
29.549274,-103.586626 - Bud

Cindy Talbot said...

The craftsmanship of everything you do is impressive, including your perpendicularity. Well Done Sir!

tortuga said...

My try is
29deg32'57.39"N 103deg35'11.85"W
29deg32'57.57"N 103deg35'12.16"W

Rita B. said...

Yup....that's my guess remmij.

nottfar@gmail.com said...

Received the ingot and card today. Benita and the ingot both look very impressive; thank you.

mary lee said...

Oh to be there, it looks so remote and inviting. I wish you well and of course the same to Bud and Ben.

Rita B. said...

Woooohooooo.....my ingot was in the mailbox when i got home....Thank You! Love to all!