Wednesday, June 19, 2013

fixin' stuff

The boys love chewing on yuccas...that's why I have pallet fences around the two growing in the pen.  Every now and then they figure out how to get to the plant so I go out and screw the pallets back together.  I reckon I could build something more substantial but that would take all the fun out of it for Ben and Bud.   Pepino's pump finally quit after 2 seasons - have some spares on hand for just such an occasion.  These are cheap little 12VDC bilge pumps from Harbor Freight.  93,104,70,0,C,0


Rita B. said...

I thought it was only the flower of the yucca they loved. There must be an art to eating a yucca so as not to get stabbed.

pamit said...

I can't keep yucca on my property here in CO - the elk absolutely love them. They seem to wait for the flower stalk to get big and juicy, then they eat the whole darn thing, spiky leaves and all. We have banana yuccas here.

Dale said...

There is your next project planting Joshua trees, beloved bush of the Mojave desert and Mormans. You have the right elevation and climatic conditions.