Thursday, June 27, 2013

grapefruit nest

Put 2 new graphite molds to work today...cast 17 coins.

Built a little shelf for my lone grapefruit.  I named it Harold after my grandfather who used to always bring us fresh grapefruit from Florida.  It's about the size of a baseball now and hanging on for dear life.  Finished drying and conditioning the rattlesnake skin - mailing it to South Africa on Monday. 93,105,69,0,B,0


MsBelinda said...

Dig the little shelf you built for your grapefruit :)

Rita B. said...

just from the color, i thought the coins were stacks of cork at first. hope your fingers have recovered from your last production. very nice grapefruit! and i'm sure your friend will appreciate that skin! you'll have to keep us informed as to how she uses it.

Rev.jimmyleebob said...

snakeskin came out looking fine