Friday, June 28, 2013

room to grow

Transplanted my sole avocado pit to plant success as well as a gifted fig tree.  92,101,64,0,B,.32


MsBelinda said...

That avocado trees is looking pretty good...a lot better than the one my mother planted from the pit.

larry snyder said...

you may fined that you need to graft the avocado to get good fruit most seedlings fruit is small & mostly seed.

sanquilmasdavid said...

I believe I have read somewhere that you need two trees to cross polinate.

Rev.jimmyleebob said...

Now from someone that actually has grown avocados for the last 40 years.That tree is ready for grafting.If you do not it will eventually give fruit but you may have a very long wait up to 7 years,vs. a grafted tree in 2-3.
My preferred method is to plant seed from late summer or fall.Next spring when tree is about the height of the one you have there, you take a cutting of spring growth from donor tree.You want them to be same diameter.Cut your seedling about a foot high on a diagonal 3-4 inches in length,same for the cutting.The knife must be shaving sharp.The cambium must match. Align and wrap with grafting tape.Transplant next spring.Since I always use seed and donor cutting from same tree they are clones.I use only Monroe
which is an old S.Florida commercial avocado that can get the size of canteloupes with very thick meat and mild nutty flavor. Take one large avocado (quartered),throw it in the blender or food processor,juice from 1/2 lemon/lime,lil salt & pepper and those that ain't afraid of raw egg yolks..throw a couple of them in there too.Process till smooth.You may have to add a touch of healthy oil...voila.avocado mayonnaise.add some honey ...avocado/honey mayonette..add some vinegar..vinaigrette

remmij said...

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