Saturday, March 7, 2009

Time is of the essence...

Low of 52 - high of 94... lots of clouds today. What do you know?....the clocks get set forward tonight! Traditionally, this is known as loosing an hour. When I was in college this meant loosing one hour of partying and classes starting one hour earlier the next day. With my new lifestyle here in the desert - this time shift that happens twice a year has little meaning other than figuring out what time it is when I call friends and family in other time zones. I go to work when I feel like it and I quit when I'm done. It is only about sunrise and sunset and the high temperature of the day - and whether or not it rains out here.

Poured two footings by noon, adding re bar to the mix. That should help cracking around the cinder blocks already holding the container in place. Soaked everything down really well before the pours. Headed to the Grub Shack for the new Ruben Sandwich. Could have sworn I got it from a NY deli. Five Stars!

Was done with the second two footings by 3PM. Each of the 4 footings took 3 bags of redi-mix. I'm sticking a 2006 nickle in each footing for posterity. Loaded up the gate for Nancy and trucked it over to Chuck's. My buddy David just got in today and is going to work on his new bldg just west of Chuck's spread. I think he has a bit of the Ben in him and expect to see swift progress in the next week. Came back home and cut the re bar for the footings for container #2.

Got a call late this afternoon from my buddy Whitebear....he just saw the Texas Country Reporter interview and gave me a great positive review of the program. Now I'm just dying to see it. As for all the folks that have just recently found me here thanks to TCR....WELCOME TO THE FIELD LAB!! Come visit...


Anonymous said...

Hello John, I like your site and your blog...My wife & I heard your 30 minute spot on KRTS last weekend, and found out about your website. We really like what you are doing with your sustainable lifestyle. We have a small, off grid spread, about 10 miles up in Cedar Springs, that we visit once a month, traveling from Houston. We'll be back out to the ranch from March 18th-25th. Maybe we could visit with you.
Dennis & Jan

Anonymous said...

Hey John, I feel like I almost know you after watching TCR this evening. My wife and I make two or three trips a year to the Big Bend area, and we love it. Did you know my good friend Chester Wilson, who died here a while back? He and his friend Nita lived out at Terlingua Ranch. Anyway, keep up the good work. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. Jim & Stella Turner - Bronte TX

denziel56 said...

hello john.
got a sprinkle this evening in ft davis. created an account to keep up with you. im the one in the hat and jacket, good luck in the up comming windy season, and soon to be summer in south county.
do you ever hit la kiva ? glen is a good friend,
check your posts from the 6th and contact if you have time,


Anonymous said...

Saw the Country Reporter Show interview this morning and had your website up before the show ended. Love your neck of the woods! We find ourselves driving the 8 hours in our spare time to come sit and watch the desert and just be. We'd love to buy you a beer at La Kiva next time we're out there and pick your brain a bit. Or a cup of coffee at Kathy's Cosmic Cafe?
Be well,
Pam and Scott

Anonymous said...

Good Morning to you Mr. John.
Just had the fortunate chance to see TCR this morning March 8,2009 9:30 am and discovered someone that is down to earth and sees and utilizes the greatness of being here that is so vastly being past by.
Thank you for what you do. Thank you for the appreciation of life and for discovering possibly your calling of life.
You are blessed.
I am at for now. 47 female po dunkville (well things havent changed in 30 yrs or longer here) .... Lacoste, Tx. Enjoy your world for all your blessed with. You are onto something there and well you already know that.
Thanks again I will keep you handy to read your events time to time.

Anonymous said...

Hi John, Saw you on TCR. I love all of your sustainable energy ideas, the oven was really cool. I just got back from Taos Pueblo and saw their earthen ovens, but wow your oven is great. Seeing you today on TV, I instantly thought of my friend that moved to Terlinqua a couple years ago. You two should meet. If you haven't already. Her name is Dottie. She used to cook for me at my organic food cafe, she's an painter, model, belly dancer, nature lover and chef just name a few. From one photographer to another, you would love her.

Ben in Texas said...

Love your site,, found it today from Bob Phillips Roads of Texas.. Used to live in Alpine,, just up the road. Know the area well.

Will try and keep up but I am not to up on Blogging yet.

Anonymous said...

Hello John. I learned about you and "The Field Lab" on TCR this morning. I have driven through "Big Bend" a couple of times ans fell in love with it. It's truly Gods country in my opinion. I am now green with envy after seeing the piece on TCR as I have considered doing the same thing but just haven't made the commitment. Kudos to you for what you have accomplished and the inspiration for me. Stay safe.

Unknown said...

When someone thinks the world is too much and life isn't a bowl of cherries, I think they should watch Texas County Reporter's article on you or visit your blog. You give a new definition to taking time to smell the roses. Thanks for sharing your simple peace with the world.

Anonymous said...

Just now surfing channels, caught TCR and your story made me stop and watch the whole thing - very, very impressive! The most impressive aspect is that you came from years and years in NYC. That is some change! I hope you get another addition to your Goldie, you don't replace them, you add to the family. You can tell she was one of a kind! I will follow your blog - slowly going green, wish I had your gumption. Keep it up! I think you will have more eyes on you now that the show ran on TCR! Oh, and Happy early Birthday! 50 is young! Looks like you could make a heck of a birthday cake in that oven of yours..... Take care, Stacey

Anonymous said...

p.s. - I just got magicjack and had a sneaking suspicion I would see it listed on your stuff page as well. I don't think enough people know about it yet..... thanks, Stacey

Claudette said...

Hi John,

I just spent the past two days reading your blog. I found it through West Texas Weekly, via Terlingua Islands. Thank you for documenting this new life of yours. It's the next course I would like to take. We have 20 acres about 7 miles from the Big Bend Ranch Supply store. (The other direction from you, I believe.) I'm hoping we'll be able to spend a couple of weeks there at the end of April. (We live in Northern Colorado, so we don't get down as often as I'd like.) If we do, could we come stop by and see the Field Lab? I'd bring ice.


ps. We watch TCR regularly and I found your blog the day after your bit was supposed to air, which it didn't on RFD. I hope to see the spot soon!

Anonymous said...

Hello John!
I too just saw the recorded iteration of TCR and have made your site one of my favorites. Kudos to you for having the courage to take the 'plunge'; living off grid makes perfect sense to me.

Please allow me to offer my condolences regarding your dog. We have our cemetary filled with four of our "best friends". If law and family would allow, being with them at the end of my time wouldn't be half bad.

Viewing your segment was especially fitting for me today; it is my birthday.

Hope you have ample peace, a moment or three of laughter, and, a safe night.


Anonymous said...

Your a great man John, I've been wanting to do the same. You just gave me more motivation to having my own sustainable lifestyle.

Next time im in the area i would like to buy you a beer at La Kiva. Take care, God Bless.

Grace said...

Hi John. Thanks for sharing your lifestyle on TCR. Inspiring and peaceful way of life, many can not understand.
I too live life different than most. (but, still amongst them)
So many are harried to obtain the unobtainable. Stressing and pushing to acquire the packaged life. They miss the fact that happiness in life is not what you HAVE...
I try to tell them to relax and simplify their life...
They think I am bonkers.
Nice to see a kindred soul.
(in central Texas)