Thursday, June 25, 2009

another day

Got goin' at 8AM before the heat and filled 3 re bar sections of the west wall. Took one bag of redi-mix for each void. Dragged in six 20' lengths of re bar and cut it up with a hacksaw to splice into the other entrances. Quit at 11 for a shower then hit the GrubShack for a fried chicken liver lunch. Managed to get all the cut pieces welded on in the late afternoon.

Photo of the day is Ryan's road dragging rig. This is how we maintain our own roads out here - a big heavy chunk of steel slowly towed smooths things out and fills the ruts.


Ben in Texas said...

Bet he is too tired, had tooo much fun with his welder and got HOT and tired.. Hopefully he is just kicking back fooling off and getting his internal water level back up to normal.

John Wells said...


I think you must have posted that comment before I added my info - but you pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Michael said...

I fell out of the loop for a bit - grandbabies in town, etc. Welding rig is a new addition. Like the water in the pond. I haven't forgotten you. Trying to rain here, means you might get some there in a day or so if the old isobars cooperate!

t.h. said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to show your work. I have been planning an off-grid move for one year now, and I believe I have learned more in a couple hours of reading your blog than in a year of reading books! I absolutely love the house design, most of what I have found is either way too complicated or basically a shed! I am planning a visit in about a month with a couple other of the women I work with to look for property. I hope we get a chance to meet you! Take care and drink lots of water, Tina

Nelson from Garland, Texas said...

Every now and then, I've just got to have a basketful of chicken livers. It's been awhile. Thanks for reminding me.

. . . . . said...

Fried chicken livers wrapped in bacon would be the way to go. I just was introduced to your blog and added it as a link on mine.

Unknown said...

John - What are you building here with the shipping container and cinder blocks?? Looks cool, just cannot figure out what it's going to be used for?

cousin nancy said...

Hello John! I read the article about you in Texas Monthly, and loved it! I admire what you are doing in Terlingua.

I am the executive director of the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, in Medina, Texas, that Kinky Friedman, Tony, my husband, and I started nearly eleven years ago.

Last April, our friends Curt and Sue, the donkey people from Terlingua came out to visit us. They are great people and I bet that you know them. If you do—please tell them howdy for me.

Keep living the good life!
Cousin Nancy

P.S. I think that you are on the right track! I am going to blog about you tonight.

lynette355 said...

I have to say I have read all kinds of mommy bloggers for about a year now. But found you yesterday and sat and read every one of your blogs in secession.

You have the most interesting story yet! Thank you.

Enjoy your "red" beer and remember that we all love seeing your hard work and looking to see you hard at having fun too!

Allen Hare said...

That's an interesting, low tech road grader that Ryan has there. Another on of his many skills.
Glad to see that you got some mud poured into those voids. The more I think about it, the more I like that system of laying those blocks, as opposed to mortaring between the layers. Is that a John Wells invention? Whoever thought of it, it's brilliant!