Saturday, October 24, 2009

a day in the big city

Just shopping today and making the rounds in Alpine....interrupted Bennett Jones while he was working on the installation of his super-duper evacuated tube solar hot water system. I stayed long enough to get a fantastic vegan lunch. Didn't get home till almost 6PM - unpacked then just basked in the silence that is the Field Lab. 69,90,40! ,0


Texmom said...

Getting cool. Cold weather is just around the corner. Hope Benita has enough fat on her to make it another winter.

MsBelinda said...

You more than deserve a day of leisure. One of the things I love most about Terlingua is basking in the silence of it all.

tffnguy said...

I'd seem one of the evacuated tube systems being installed a couple of years ago and decided to try something along the line. I bought a bunch of the poly carbonate florescent light tube covers and used them to cover 1/2 inch black pipe. I had quiet a few lengths setup in the back yard and used a 12 volt pump to circulate the water through them and through a radiator I made out of CPVC in one of the bedrooms. With the heat vent sealed off in that room it kept that room about 8 degrees warmer than the rest of the house. (when it was a nice sunny day) Problem was that in the DFW area there just wasn't enough days that weren't partly cloudy to cloudy to make it work out. I wound up scrapping it, but wish I'd have saved it for down here now.